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8888 Group

The 8888 Group is dynamic integrated Property and Financial Services Business that provides wealth creation solutions for our clients. The business commenced as a Mortgage Broking business that won numerous industry awards in a short period of time. The rapid growth of the business and the demand for additional services resulted in the establishment of the 8888 Group. We provide independent and unique solutions for our clients.

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Located in Camden NSW, we can serve all your finance, property, wealth management and accounting needs! We have over 30 years experience in the Australian finance industryWe offer a wide range of services and allow customers more freedom of choice than just one lender to best suit your needs and requirements.

Our Business Principles

The backbone of 8888 Group is ‘we are a service firm’. Our business is defined by the needs of our clients and as such ‘our client’s best interests always come first’. While we recognise that client needs do change (as does the business environment) there are some basic principles that never change. ‘Our purpose is to help our customer meet their desires’. If we follow these principles, then business growth will look after itself. ‘Word-of-mouth’ is the best advertising’. If we do nothing else but ensure we abide by these principles in everything we do and say, then we will truly be a great business.

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