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8888 Property

8888 Property Macarthur8888 Property is an integral part of the group.

We believe that property forms an important part of our client’s wealth portfolio.

As a wealth management business our property analysts research current property trends and government infrastructure expenditures in areas all around Australia.

Our new property area use this research and work directly with developers to assist our clients to purchase new properties in these areas.

Our criteria is to find properties that produce positive cash flows and solid sustainable long term returns.

We avoid areas that have short term cycles where growth is industry aligned, such as mining towns and concentrate in areas which have sustainable long term capital growth.

Our Existing Property area will list and sell existing properties, using a flat fee model which is very competitive and we market our properties to our existing client base and not rely on internet advertising to find buyers.

Our Services Include:

  • Sales of New Residential Properties
  • Residential Rental Property Management & Leasing
  • Sales of Second Hand Residential Property
  • Residential Property Appraisals
  • Residential & Commercial Property Research

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At 8888 Accounting we specialise in taxation and financial management.

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With over 30 years’ experience in finance and lending at

8888 Property

8888 Property is an integral part of the group. We